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At present, the epidemic situation of Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia is spreading all over the world. In many countries, there is a serious shortage of epidemic prevention materials such as masks and disinfectants. The spread of the global epidemic has brought new challenges and opportunities to the import and export business of Guangzhou Chemicals. During the epidemic period, the business volume has declined compared to the same period last year, but orders for epidemic prevention materials have increased dramatically.
In order to strengthen technology leading, innovation driven, and enhance the innovation ability of enterprise, in 2019, Tiger Head Company established Tiger Head Power Innovation Research Institute. Since its establishment, the Tiger Head Power Innovation Research Institute has actively carried out research work on key technologies and applications such as high-efficiency energy-saving and environmental-friendly batteries, new energy storage batteries, solar systems, future energy, and battery materials, and has continuously achieved results. The application of "Guangdong Province High-efficiency Energy-saving and Environmental-friendly Battery Engineering Technology Research Center" was submitted in 2019. Recently, it has successfully passed the appraisal of Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province.